Artem Rodin commented for on how to become a partner with an international law firm and what is next?

Artem Rodin, who became a partner with international law firm CMS being 32 years old, has founded his own law firm RODIN & PARTNERS after two years. He is convinced that it takes at least 7-8 years PQE to become a partner in an international law firm:

“Based on personal experience I believe that if you want to become a partner you shall first become a professional in legal practice, and also learn how to deal with clients in an effective way. The reason for that is that a mission of a partner is not only working on projects, but most importantly developing business of the firm, including attracting new clients and new projects, reaching agreement on financial terms and organizing execution of projects.”

“One option a partner may consider is challenging skills in a new business industry, e.g. joining client to become a business partner, manager and develop other industry, non-legal business. This option will definitely increase scope of responsibility and it brings new challenges, which as such shall be motivating for an ambitious personality focused on further development”.

Being a partner with CMS and having already prior experience in a non-legal business as a manager and member of the board of directors of an international energy major (which remains his client over the years), Artem Rodin founded his own law firm RODIN & PARTNER “to provide clients not only a high-quality legal advice comparable with international law firms, but also individual approach and deep expertise combined with flexibility on fees”.

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