• Representing insurance companies in court proceedings with respect to claims based on a credit insurance contracts;
  • Advising on cases involving a large damage to a power plant caused by fire accident;
  • Advising international companies on insurance policies and damage cases;
  • Successfully representing a Chinese state insurance company in a complex three-party mediation process involving Russian insurance company in connection with the violation by Russian party of its payment obligations under the Reinsurance Policy covering the risks from the construction of the power plant in the one of the regions of Russia;
  • Successfully representing a major Turkish construction company in the negotiation with a leading Russian insurance company with regard to the failure of the insurer to pay the recovery in connection with the fire on the construction site;
  • Successfully representing a Russian subsidiary of the foreign brokerage company in a dispute against Russian insurance company connected with the alleged disruption of the negotiation process of the reinsurance policy by the client;
  • Advising a leading Russian insurance company during the process of negotiation and execution of the agreements on provision of services on reinsurance with one of the leading international health insurance companies;
  • Advising Russian and foreign insurance companies on the various regulatory and antimonopoly issues.